A Man of Character

Let me introduce you to a young Haitian man named Ricado Dorsainvil, who’s smile always gives him away!

Smiles Build Bridges

Years ago, my grandpa did mission work in Haiti and would tell of a constantly smiling pastor who loved the Lord and his people.

Years later, my dad and uncle took a trip and met a young man who had the same smile and joy from the Lord, the pastor’s son! Since then, Ricado has been a large part of the work we have done in Haiti and his responsibility and integrity have impacted many.

Character Takes You Far

In the years we’ve known him, Ricado has become the right hand man to a pastor friend of ours, Stenio Capri, and manages the in-home orphanage that Stenio began. Ricado handles the finances, day to day decisions, problems, and is a gentle authority and father figure to the children who live there. I have seen first-hand, written on the faces of those kids, the love and respect they have for Ricado. He oversees and reports for several small businesses started by Americans, leading him to also start his own franchise business, where he employs a friend to sell fresh water.

There is much to say of Ricado’s quiet humility and capability to accomplish tasks and take care of things. He has selflessly served and worked for the betterment of those around him, becoming something of a missionary to his own people. His integrity in business and trustworthiness has led to more responsibility being placed on his shoulders, and those who have invested in him have not been disappointed.

A Man of Few Words

Ricado is a very good translator, musician, chauffeur, and tour guide! Although, you may not know it at first, because he is not boastful or very talkative at all. He has been a willing helper throughout all the construction projects we have worked on and always seems to be busy with some responsibility or another while we are there. Besides all of that, he checks in often and takes very good care of us Americans making himself fully available if needed.

Church is a very important thing for Ricado and when he worships God is when you really see his joy and enthusiasm come out! One time, he was away from home with a mission team doing work in a different area of Haiti and when asked, said that church was what he missed the most.

Looking to the Future

Ricado has laid down his life in so many ways for those around him and now is ready to bring some of his own dreams and goals to a reality. In the beginning of April, 2019 he got engaged to a lovely young woman named, Slwant! They are hoping to be able to get married next year.

The couple are buying a piece of property in the mountains to build a home and start their life together. Now, land in Haiti is NOT cheap, as you might assume. It is sometimes far more expensive than the U.S. because of the limited area and extensive population.

Ricado did find a nice bit of acreage and was able to make the down payment, but those of you who are home and land owners know the enormity of an expense like that. Not only will he have the land to pay off, but he will not be able to get married until they build a house. Another huge expense!

Our Hands His Heart would love to be able to bless Ricado with some help in this area. And we need your support to do it!

Those of you who know him, know what a blessing Ricado has been to many and how well he leads by example, impacting all those around him! Now, in turn, let’s be a blessing to him.

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