Beauty from Ashes

If you’ve never been to Haiti, let me tell you from experience, that it is a country of CONTRAST. From the enormous mountain ranges, to the trash littered streets;

from the bluest ocean waters, to the severely limited amount of good drinking water;

from the desert of the mainland, to the tropic of the coasts;

from the joy and smiles on children’s faces, to the extreme poverty that drives them to beg.

What you see, smell, and hear there are almost impossible to comprehend at first. Until you open your blinded eyes that only see in the physical and begin to understand with your eyes in the spiritual, you will be overwhelmed. Where do I even start? It seems hopeless.


He can breathe life into dust. He can bring beauty out of burnt trash ashes. He can raise up bones to life again. He can give nutrients back to worn out soil. He is the master builder, healer, restorer, provider, father, and friend.

We are no longer overwhelmed, because it is not our work, but His. We are only the willing vessels God might use to further His plan and His kingdom.

In as stark of CONTRAST as Haiti is to itself, so is Christ’s love to our depravity. Without Him we are all that starving, naked, and lonely child, in need of lifting up out of the dirt.

So pray with us, walk with us, as we seek out ways to be a help. We are seeing Jesus bring beauty out of ashes, and no matter how dark it seems to get, the Light of Life will be working and restoring. Have Faith.