Direction of Growth

You all may be wondering what we’ve been up to lately! Haiti had an awful time this past fall and due to the difficulties of getting in and out of the country, Warren wasn’t able to do much work down there. But check out what 2020 has held already!

The start of a vision

For the past sixteen years, Warren Click has been coming to Haiti, sometimes for months at a time. In that timeframe, he has helped more than 10 different ministries get their start and during that process has learned the ins and outs of Haitian/American relationships and the cultural differences and needs that are prevalent. There are, of course, needs for the Haitian people to have sustainable businesses and ways they can provide for their families, but to get such knowledge and experience, there has to be teaching. One of the ways this will happen is by inviting people to come share their skills. This brings up another difficulty though. Housing. Where can we host those coming to help train, teach, preach, and minister to the Haitians? And where can we host classes and have a working farm that offers hands-on experience? We have seen that without decent conditions to house visitors and teachers, it greatly diminishes the length of time people are willing to stay and the effectiveness of their time spent in Haiti.

Two years ago, Our Hands His Heart purchased some land southeast of Port au Prince about an hour and a half drive from the city, up into the mountains. Warren bought it with a vision in mind–to build a mission house and training center. A place that can provide for all of those needs at once.

Getting started

In January, the ground breaking began! The vision was being put into action. All the workers hired to do construction are from Pastor Edner’s church, one that Warren has visited multiple times. Warren was there to supervise and oversee the work for several weeks. Here is a good look at the production process and progress they have made so far!

Breaking ground.
Digging the footers.
Foundation is laid!
Lots of concrete!

The Goal

As we are able and with your help, our goal is to have something of a vocational/technical school for those who want to learn, with all the tools and materials readily available that would be needed. Just a sampling of what occupations we plan to teach will be chicken farming, gardening, welding, woodworking, mechanics, and electrical. Warren would be providing training in solar, wind, and generator power, and more. We would like to host medical clinics and have classes on good hygiene and health. Our intention would be to have the house fully furnished with all the modern conveniences we expect in other places. We would also love to offer for any missionaries who may need a break from the city the chance for a beautiful mountain get-away with clear air and spectacular views!

If you’d like to help us out with this project, click the button and head over to our donation page. Thanks!