School buses are a great way to ship supplies over to Haiti, as well as provide ministries, orphanages, or schools with a way to transport a lot of people at once! We buy used buses from school districts in the area and partner with different organizations to help us fill them up, with everything from medical supplies to tools and solar panels. When everything is packed full and tight, Warren drives the bus to the port and sees that it gets put on a cargo ship. Knowing the time the ship is supposed to arrive in Haiti determines when Warren flies there to meet it. After checking thoroughly to make sure everything has arrived safely and intact, and after getting through the long process of customs, the bus is driven to it’s final destination. Then begins the distribution! If you, your church, or an organization you know would like to get involved with helping fill buses, please contact us!


Our Hands His Heart has been transporting eggs and incubators to Haiti for several years. Churches, ministries, orphanages, and individuals have been blessed with the beginnings of a self sustaining business and food through the hard work and dedication of Warren Click.

The process begins with ordering an incubator online and then disassembling it to fit into suitcases. Fertilized chicken, duck, quail, guinea, and goose eggs are donated to be taken along with the incubator. The eggs have to be carefully packed in a structured suitcase that will be carried on the plane. After getting through customs and arriving at the location, Warren immediately rebuilds the incubator and stays long enough to care for the eggs until hatched and growing. In the meantime, they build a chicken run and coop and begin teaching the locals/recipients how to care for and increase the flock. Once the chicks have hatched, healthy and settled in their new home, he moves on to another location. He checks back in on these new enterprises from time to time to see how they’re doing. This has become a very effective way to help provide an available and sustainable food source and job source for the people of Haiti.


Along with chicken farming, Warren also takes lots of vegetable and fruit tree seeds to plant. Educating and empowering the people of Haiti to provide for themselves and their families.


One of the most expensive, but cost effective things that we do through Our Hands His Heart, might be solar and wind energy. In Haiti the main source of electricity is powered by generators which are extremely expensive to run long term because of fuel prices. Another skill Mr. Warren has, is electrical knowledge. He has put those skills to good use by installing windmills, solar panels, and the batteries that store the energy, at several ministries and churches.


Our Hands His Heart has had the immense pleasure of working with a ministry based on the island of La Gonave called Community of Hope Haiti, whose love for Christ and people, as well as their vision for what God will do, has been an amazing encouragement to us. This past year we were able to bless them with a boat for the 20+ mile drive from the island to the mainland. Check out what else they do at


Another project we were able to help Community of Hope Haiti with, was building a pier for the above mentioned boat and to support the fishing industry on the island of La Gonave. Being miles and miles from the main land makes it difficult to go buy food, so many who live on the island are already fishermen. With much help from the Haitian locals who hammered rock into gravel, hauled both to the site, mixed concrete, and did the majority of the work on the pier, this project quickly became a community effort and accomplishment!